Shadowbrook Manor book cover design by Elyse Hutchinson Design

Shadowbrook Mannor poster

Shadowbrook Mannor poster

In this latest Shannon Bailey novel, readers will be treated to her typical brand drama and suspense and shocking twists.

Samantha Morgan’s husband had a secret. One that was revealed only after his death. One that left her more angry than heartbroken. One that led her to the historic Mackinac Island in upstate Michigan.

To a dark house with a dark past . . . And haunted by a dark ghost.

Books are currently available on Amazon’s Kindle and will be available in paperback, beginning June 20, 2011 through the author’s website, and The Island Bookstore on Mackinac.

Designing the cover for the book was quite a challenge. I wanted to capture the feelings of secrecy and shadow without scaring the reader away. Using the author’s description of the house I found a photograph that came very close to her vision of Shadowbrook Manor, then reversed the black and white image to create a somewhat unnatural glow to the house. Set into the soft blues and pinks of the sky, the image gained a romantic feel, which was perfect for the story.

I was given the opportunity to read the book pre-release and I can tell you it is a great story!

The book is currently available on Amazon’s Kindle and will soon be released in paperback, as well.