Molicious Mustard Debuts New Website

Maureen “Mo” Maznio started making mustard as Christmas gifts for friends and family in 1984.

She would have people, all year long, asking when she was going to make more mustard. Mo actually had a friend confess, months later, that at a party at her house he had actually taken a jar from her refrigerator! Mo thought if people wanted it that bad, there must be something to it.Watch The Channel (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

When Finn’s Restaurant in Glenwood Springs, CO heard about the mustard they asked if I would let them try it, so Mo brought it in one evening. The bar was packed. The owner, Donny, went into the kitchen and made up a beautiful platter of fresh sushi to serve with the mustard, and proceeded to pass it around the bar. It was a huge hit. He later came over and said, “Mo, that was molicious!” Thus “Molicious Mustard” was born.

Mo has partnered with Elyse Hutchinson Design on many projects in the past and we were happy to design Mo’s e-commerce Website.  Elyse recommends trying the mustard on a roast beef sandwich – YUM!